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Brief introduction

As one of the four law schools in China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), School of Criminal Justice is the only law school that sets two first-level-disciplines for undergraduates: law and criminal investigation, and this unique characteristic distinguishes School of Criminal Justice from the other law schools in CUPL.The combination of these two disciplines makes School of Criminal Justice a leading center for teaching and research in the criminal justice and criminal science in China. So far, our school has developed a discipline group based on criminal justice. Criminal law, criminal procedural law, criminology, criminal investigation and cyber law are the characteristic disciplines, among which the criminal law and criminal procedural law are the National Key Disciplines. With high-calibre teaching faculty, the corresponding education and research programs are highly influential in China. The current dean of School of Criminal Justice is Professor Wang Haiyan, who is also a PhD supervisor.

Our faculty members are renowned professionals in criminal justice in Chinese academia and some of them excel both at home and abroad. Currently we have 75 full-time faculty members, among which 21 are professors (including 9 PhD supervisors), 22 are associate professors, and 19 are assistant professors. Academic committee and academic degree committee are responsible for academic issues. At the same time, we have several administrative offices to assist the teaching, research, training and other student issues. As to the teaching and research, we currently have five institutes in total and they are Institute of Criminal Law, Institute of Criminal Procedure Law, Institute of Criminal Investigation, Institute of Criminology and Institute of Cyber Law.

For undergraduates, we provide two majors for them to choose: law and criminal investigation. For postgraduates, including both master students and PhD students, we provide corresponding programs in three research areas: criminal law, criminal procedural law and cyber law. Currently, we have more than 70 courses for undergraduates and more than 40 courses for research students.

The school pays high attention to the talent cultivation work and we have comprehensive and successful training plan for undergraduates, master students and PhD students. In the School of Criminal Justice, students not only get the high-quality legal education but also many opportunities for social practice, cultural and academic activities.

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